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Vegan Chocolate Brownie

A wholegrain, oil free, nut free, vegan chocolate brownie made from black beans and sweet potato and sweetened with dates and maple syrup. This is more of a dessert brownie; it's not firm, but moist and chocolatey.


Serves 8

1/3 cup (90g) cooked and mashed sweet potato

3/4 cup (115g) cooked black beans

½ cup (90g) dried dates

1/4 cup (75g) pure maple syrup

1/3 cup (85ml) water

2 tsp vanilla

3 tablespoons wholemeal spelt flour or oat flour

3 tablespoons cocoa

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp bi-carb soda

1/2 cup dairy free chopped dark chocolate or chocolate chips (45% cocoa)*

1 tablespoon chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate extra (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 175°C.

  2. Grease a loaf tin by spraying it with cooking oil or line with baking paper.

  3. Place all ingredients except chocolate chips into a blender and blend until completely smooth (Thermomix 1 minute/speed 10).

  4. Add the chocolate (except for the 1 tablespoon of extra chocolate) and pulse until just combined (Thermomix 10 seconds/reverse speed 3).

  5. Pour batter into the loaf tin and sprinkle with extra chocolate chips (if using). Bake for 30-40 minutes, until just set and firm on top. The brownie will be a slightly gooey in the middle but will firm up a little as it cools. It's best left for at least a couple of hours to firm up a little.

  6. Cut into 8 even pieces and serve at room temperature, or slightly warmed. This is more of a dessert brownie so it won't become completely firm, but will remain moist and chocolatey. It's great served with some vegan ice cream/sorbet scooped on top (I recommend making your own out of bananas or berries).

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